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by P.D. Bramsen: A good resource to share with your Muslim friend who is seeking the true God. Available in ten languages. Buy the English version here.
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Do Christians Worship Three Gods?
Is Today's Bible Corrupted?
Why Do You Call Jesus the Son of God?
Is My Sin that Serious?
Was Jesus Crucified?
What is Abrogation?
A Common Word Between Muslims and Christians Letter
Abraham as a Central Figure in Islam
Did Jesus say 'I am God' in the Bible?
God of the Bible vs. Allah of the Quran
Comparing Shia and Sunni Beliefs

The website will help you search for Islamic centers, schools, organizations and services in your city or zip code. You can use this information to initiate contact with the Muslims in your area.
This website will help you locate Islamic events and festivals in your city. We encourage you to attend these events to talk to Muslims and to give them the New Testament and the Jesus DVD Film.
This is a trusted website for in-depth information about true Islam, its doctrines, and its practices.
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Insights on Every Book of the Bible.
The story behind the Bible’s origin.