We are here to equip you and provide training about Islam and Muslims. For 2020, all our training and workshops will be provided for you virtually. To do so, we can either use your platform or we will provide a secure and user-friendly virtual platform for you through our website. 

Islam in 60 Minutes: Schedule your groups' virtual visit with COL founders where in the first 30 minutes
you LEARN how our ministry is reaching Muslims, HEAR amazing stories from the Muslim world, and EXPLORE how you can make a difference for Christ. The remaining 30 minutes will be dedicated time where you will have the opportunity to ASK questions about Islam, Muslims, and our ministry. 

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A “Call to Love Muslims” Seminar: Samya shares how she forgave Muslims and was called to ministry.
The seminar includes topics such as the teachings of Islam and how we can use them to witness to Muslims, current events, Shari’a Law, Jihad, Muslim women, the spread of Islam in America, cultural and spiritual ways to reach our Muslim neighbors with the Gospel message. The time includes video documentaries, testimonies,
and current stories from the field. (2 - 6 hours)

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A Taste of Middle Eastern Christian Music: Mike, our founder, sings solo with the Oud in both Arabic and English. He also sings certain traditional hymns in English.

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Sunday Services: Mike and Samya can join your Sunday service virtually to offer a Missions' Moment or to provide teaching on the Great Commission, Muslims, and more. Q&A style with the pastor is an option.

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Training Workshop: Practical topics covered for people in ministry among Muslims, whether you provide ESL classes, do street outreach in your city, or connect with Muslims online. (1 - 4 hours)

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Adult Sunday School Classes: Samya teaches on various subjects related to ministry among Muslims and ministry in a multicultural society. 

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Women’s Events: Samya shares her life story. Points include: saved from death three times, forgiving her enemies, overcoming severe anxiety and PTSD after living for 15 years in the heart of the civil war in Lebanon.

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Persecuted Church Sunday or Mission’s Weekend: Samya, and other speakers from COL, share various messages about persecution, missions, and God’s plan for the nations. 

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