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Your donation to the general ministry fund includes:

  • TV production and satellite
  • Our Middle East and US team
  • Direct discipleship and evangelism to over 450 million Arabs
  • Publications and videos to equip the church in the West
  • And more!

    Less than 14% of our budget goes toward overhead expenses, and 10% of every Call of Love donation blesses the persecuted church.

Your donation directly supports:

  • Forgotten families of persecuted pastors and evangelists who serve among Muslims.
  • Christian orphanages in Islamic countries to help raise a new generation of Christian leaders.

Limited internet in Arab Islamic countries makes satellite TV the key tool to deliver the gospel message to every household, even the most remote villages in countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. Satellite TV is free and accessible for viewers in such countries.

$16,000/month is the cost to have our TV station’s frequency among the well-known stations that all Arabs watch. Your donation helps to provide funds for:

  • Satellite TV monthly cost
  • TV program series produced that focuses on young Muslims under 25 who make up 60% of the Muslim population
  • Our evangelism and discipleship staff in the Middle East who serve hundreds of viewers every week!
Call of Love Ministries will partner with several churches in Lebanon to help families repair their homes, provide funds for medical treatment, food, shelter, and spiritual support. Your donation will be hand delivered by our faithful volunteers.
IMPACT2020 is a three-year matching fund provided by one of our generous visionary partners. The amount you donate will be matched, dollar for dollar until December 31st, 2022! This will double our impact allowing us to spend most of our efforts witnessing to Muslims and making disciples.

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Call of Love, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law in the United States of America.
We accept stock and mutual fund donations, as well as monetary gifts. Please consider including Call of Love in your estate giving.
This will help us in our long-term financial planning.