Stations that Air Dare to Ask

City State Name Call Dial No. Type
Diamond City AK The Life KKJJ 88.5 FM
Monroeville AL The Life WILF 88.9 FM
Equality AL The Life WBNB 91.3 FM
Phoenix AZ Arizona's Christian Talk KXTT/KXEG 1280/1010 AM
Quincy CA New Life Broadcasting KNLF 95.9 FM
Elberton GA The Life WWQE 89.7 FM
Kankakee IL The Life WEGN 89.7 FM
Smithboro IL The Life WSWS 89.9 FM
Princeton IL Community Christian Radio WUNT 88.3 FM
Shelbyville IN The Life WWQI 91.3 FM
Springfield MA The Life WWQZ 89.5 FM
Detroit MI Rejoice WMKM 1440 AM
Dekalb MS The Life WWQD 90.3 FM
Lexington NC The Life WWQY 90.3 FM
Dayton OH The Source WFCJ 93.7 FM
Masnfield OH Total Praise WVMC 90.7 FM
Ashland OH Total Praise WVMC 91.1 FM
Wooster OH Total Praise WVMC 102.7 FM
Xenia OH The Source WEEC 100.7 FM
Dayton OH Faith & Friends     Internet
Canton OH The Light WNPQ 95.9 FM
Sycamore OH New Vision FM WXMW 89.3 FM
Upper Sandusky OH New Vision FM WXML 90.1 FM
Marion OH New Vision FM WXMF 91.9 FM
Findlay OH New Vision FM W248BT 97.5 Streaming
Fostoria OH New Vision FM W270CL 101.9 Streaming
Belton SC The Life WABB 1390 AM
Spring City TN The Life WWQS 88.5 FM
Wartburg TN The Life WWQW 90.3 FM
Norfolk VA Ministry Radio WYRM 1110 AM
Sparta WI Prayz Network WEQS 89.3 FM
Eau Claire WI Prayz Network WWJC 101.5 FM
Westby WI Prayz Network WTPN 103.9 FM
La Crosse WI Prayz Network K250AX 97.9 FM


How to get Dare to Ask on your station

Radio Program Directors: To broadcast Dare to Ask daily on your Christian station, contact us at or call 832-220-4040.